What Attracts Millennials to a Workplace?

Do you know if your company is attractive to millennials? Don’t miss out on a large pool of quality candidates with these tips from Strive For Talent.

Millennials now make up majority of the workforce while both Baby Boomers and Generation X are moving towards retirement. This means that your organisation needs to know how to appeal to millennials in order to attract and retain top talent. Unlike the older generations, millennials are not just looking for stable employment that pays top dollar. To ensure that your company is not missing out on a large pool of quality candidates, you will need to tap into the minds of millennials to learn just how you can sweeten the deal for them.

Improve transparency

Millennials wants to know that their workplace cares about them, but the reverse is also true. Get them involved in future plans for the business and be honest about what goes on in all aspects of the business. Whether it be just keeping them in the loop of the goals of your business, or asking them for feedback and ideas, engaging millennials is a great way to keep them invested in the organisation.

Offer flexibility

Long gone are the traditional 9-5 workdays. Millennials value flexibility at work, as rigid working hours are seen as an outdated practice and unproductive for work-life balance. For millennials, the choice of a flexible working schedule means they are valued more for their ability to get work done than being a ‘yes-man’.

Support growth and development

Whether it is for personal growth or professional development, millennials want to know they will have the support of their company. They enjoy knowing that they are given the chance to improve themselves through a passion project or through professional learning, which can translate into favourable career progressions. This can be in the form of regular training courses or time off for a personal development opportunity that may contribute to their value to the company.

Be socially responsible

Millennials are highly aware about social and environmental issues. They have an opinion about them and identify personally with each cause. A company that is vocal about their stance on an issue that makes most sense with their company culture and ethic will earn the respect of millennials. Companies should consider looking for meaningful ways to show they are socially responsible to build a good reputation with millennials. Looking for new hires? Make sure you are not missing out on quality millennial candidates in your industry by ensuring your organisation is an attractive workplace. Let Strive For Talent help you select outstanding candidates for your next hire, regardless of which sector you operate in. Learn how our solutions can assist your company by contacting us at +61 2 8026 0596.

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