Trends Emerging in Fintech Heading into 2020

The future is now. In this blog, Strive for Talent explores emerging trends in the Fintech industry and how they could shape 2020.

Financial services are constantly being transformed with automation, software and technology, also known as ‘Fintech’. Making waves across the world, the industry is creating change in a variety of platforms and applications, including crowdfunding, money transfer services, and mobile payment systems. In order to ensure business owners can keep their fingers on the pulse, the team at Strive for Talent have compiled some exciting trends emerging in Fintech that you should be mindful of going into 2020.

Streamlining the Regulatory Process

The financial services industry is always in danger of being compromised by adept fraudsters, resulting in comprehensive regulatory processes, which are still overseen or manually completed by staff. 2020 is likely to see technology enter the market built to streamline this process and reduce the overhead expenses this inflicts on business.

Crypto & Cash

Despite what many outside the industry might think, interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain management didn’t decline with the value of Bitcoin. Stringent regulations continue to exist in this realm, but there is certainly a buzz of potential surrounding technologies improving the conversion of crypto to cash, as well as crypto to e-wallets, not to mention investment potential.

Rising Demand for Staff

Growth and diversification in the Fintech industry will naturally relate to greater funding, large-scale ventures, and the rising demand for reliable staff to help implement them. As a result, the Fintech job market has completely skyrocketed, consistently building in the hundreds of thousands over the last few years, and the trends aren’t showing any signs of slowing down in 2020. Companies will therefore need to ensure their recruiting efforts are designed to complement the changes in the industry in order to remain competitive. Numbers in recruitment figures suggest 78% of in-demand roles revolving around software engineering, operations, data and analytics, and sales and marketing. Competition amongst these candidates will be fierce, but it’s important to consider new starters as an investment into a new future, with the skills paired to meet fresh challenges yet to be discovered.

Just as you need to be adequately informed on the advancements in the Fintech industry, you need to be sure you are appropriately staffed to correctly handle 2020. Strive for Talent deliver exceptional and tailored recruitment services for businesses in a range of industries. Contact us today by calling + 61 2 80260596, or leaving your information on our easy to complete enquiry form.

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