Partnership driven Talent Solutions


The STRIVE FOR TALENT Team solutions are tailor made to fit the specific needs of our clients. We understand that talent acquisition challenges are complex, unique and ever-changing. That’s why we offer solutions that meet a company’s constantly evolving recruitment needs.

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Employer Branding
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Our Approach

The STRIVE FOR TALENT Team solutions are tailor made to fit the specific needs of our clients. Our service solutions can be delivered off-site through a team of recruiters that act as an extension of the client’s talent acquisition team through a combination of both multi-regional or global remits. We work from our resource centers in Australia and England enabling us to provide our clients cost effective solutions. Our teams work on the time zones of our clients and adhere to all security and privacy needs of our clients, therefore offering bespoke solutions.


Talent Attraction

Attracting candidates requires strategy. We make sure correct processes are implemented for Talent Attraction to ensure the right people are placed into your organisation therefore ensuring that candidates and employees fully connect with your company’s values, goals, and principles.

Sourcing talent is not a transactional process, but rather a lifecycle of continuous engagement with candidates, creating loyal employees who are invested in the brand.

Part of Talent attraction strategy includes:

  • Our specialist consultants attract both active and passive candidates while we actively market relevant vacancies to them.
  • A successful track record in our operating sectors, means many of our clients and candidates refer and recommend candidates to us.
  • We use various Social Media methods to identify and develop tomorrow’s talent, we are active onLinkedIn, Twitter, and other Social Media Groups.
  • We have a large Internal database, which is populated by only pre-screened candidates, that our consultants have carefully interviewed.
  • Our in-house events team regularly hosts functions, round table discussions and candidate forums to encourage the leading experts to put themselves forward and enhance their reputation.
  • We use all main global Job Boards specific to our client’s location. Whether it be in Africa, Europe or the US we ensure our jobs get recognised to attract the best local Talent.

Retaining talent attraction levels

Initial talent attraction is important, but we also place great emphasis on ensuring that our candidates engage in a workplace culture that our candidates become a part of long after they have become employees, in order to keep attrition levels to a minimum. Engaged employees are happier at work, and therefore perform better.


Candidate Management

We ensure that our ‘candidate experience’ is second to none. Our team of specialist consultants work very closely with each individual candidate from their initial application, through to them accepting the role and we ensure to carry on that relationship well into the candidate’s employment.

A poor candidate relationship can result in either the candidate dropping out of the recruitment process or carrying on with a negative feeling into their employment. Therefore, as part of our training for our specialist consultants we place great emphasis on our ‘candidate experience’.

As we work with some of the world’s top brands, we understand that top talent receives a constant level of recruiter approaches as well as multiple job offers, therefore we ensure our service levels exceed that of our competitors.

We provide our candidates and Hiring managers fast and honest feedback to ensure the continuous smooth running of the interview process. The team also ensure an efficient candidate on boarding process, to aide HR departments as well ensuring candidates enjoy a faultless start to their new roles.


Specialist Sourcing

A successful track record in our sector, means many of our clients and candidates refer and recommend candidates to us.

However, our specialist consultants are always searching for the very best talent in the market, and therefore it is vital for them to know where to look and search for candidates effectively and efficiently. Our strategic methods enable us to target this talent community.

We use tools such as Social Media as this is central to candidate movement and is critical to identifying and developing tomorrow’s talent. It allows us to assess the candidate’s personality and character to determine whether they would be a good cultural fit for our client’s organisation eg. Channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Social Media Groups, Blogs and forums. We also partner with all the main global job boards ensuring all our opportunities are advertised on the correct platforms, attracting the very best talent.


Client Engagement

Our clear aim is to create a clear, well informed line of communication between our specialist account managers and the hiring managers we work with, ensuring that the hiring managers are always kept up to date and have clear real-time information regarding the roles they are recruiting for and that there is clear information regarding interview scheduling and processes.

We aim to educate our hiring managers with regards to the recruitment life cycle and how best to portray the brand they work for through their interview techniques.

We ensure to create streamlined processes to develop a more effective and efficient recruitment process, to make sure that our clients attract and hire the best available talent.


Employer Branding & Consultation

Creating a strong relationship between our client’s brand and their perspective new employees is paramount to creating a loyal and long-term employee.

The way our clients’ brand themselves and their opportunities is important in today’s market due to the increasingly competitive talent market. Candidates are much more knowledgeable and tend to pick and choose employers that are more suited to them and to their long-term plans. Through our research and experience we can say it is just as important for clients to sell themselves as it is for candidates. A strong employer brand can attract better talent, reduce employee turnover and more importantly employees feel a sense of pride to work for the organisation.

We therefore work alongside our client’s branding team to help with strategic recruitment decisions to help candidate attraction and to ensure all our account managers and recruitment consultants are well educated on all our client’s key selling points and to ensure we are fully aware of the latest relevant information including live roles.


Data Analytics

The STRIVE FOR TALENT Team strive to deliver recruitment data analytics that go further than providing market analysis. We believe that hiring managers need perspective and thorough insights to help them ensure they are creating the highest of calibre talent acquisition programs. We understand our client’s need to stay ahead of the talent curve in order to maintain an edge over their competitors.

The STRIVE FOR TALENT Team known the importance of the recruiting solution we are providing, and therefore we create and provide bespoke comprehensive reports and detailed analysis to all key stakeholders, creating clear visibility and easy monitoring of the process.


Project Planning

The STRIVE FOR TALENT team provide project solutions for short and long term hiring needs. Our project solutions offer our clients scalable and specialised talent acquisition programs.

Our Project based solutions are designed to effectively:

  • Manage seasonal hiring trends.
  • Understand hiring intentions both short and long term.
  • Support planned hiring projects.
  • Strengthen results in challenging recruitment environments.
  • Analyse hiring trends in the market.
  • Recommend the resource needed.
  • Design, run and execute recruitment strategies.
  • Constantly evaluate and improve hiring/ role fill times.
  • Consider and evaluate future talent expectations.
  • Defines employee career paths and future development.
  • Long term forecasting for business growth.


The key to our success has been our continued and relentless desire to grow and continuously improve our meaningful and longstanding partnerships with both clients and candidates. Our brands are built on strong values and principles of integrity, collaboration, excellence, passion and innovation, and we always ensure to go above and beyond for any of our partners. Therefore, creating long standing partnerships of trust and talent.