How to Work from Home with Kids

Working from home with kids can be difficult, and during this time, it is our new way of life. Learn how to cope and achieve your work goals from home.

Have you recently found yourself working from home with children around? This is a trying task for everyone involved, and with thousands of parents experiencing this situation for the first time, Strive For Talent has accumulated initiatives to help manage your new working world.

We understand that each household, working environment, and job is different but with these tips you can make balancing your professional needs and that of being a parent a little easier.


While you may have developed a set routine as a working parent over the years, the current situation is likely to challenge these schedules as your children are now suddenly home. While your child is around, you may unexpectedly need to switch from work to personal tasks. To achieve equilibrium, re-evaluate your routine and be flexible with the time frames you set for working and family time.

  • Create a dedicated workspace

Creating an area that is for the sole purpose of work will help you set some boundaries between your professional and personal life. With kids around you may want a physical boundary, such as a closed door, but if you have a more open plan set up, consider a bookshelf, or room divider. You don’t have to close yourself off completely from your children, but it’s important they know that you are at work when you are in your dedicated space.

  • Plan your day

Make a daily plan for your own work and for your children’s activities. Everyone, at least to an extent, should agree on the plan and try to follow it to the best of their ability. Scheduling work, home duties, chores, school, fun activities and family bonding, is ideal for ensuring all basis are covered for the day. However, it is still important to remain flexible where needed as each day can be different from the previous.

  • Don’t neglect yourself

With children around, it can be easy to focus purely on them, and moving straight from work mode to parent mode leaves very little room for you to unwind, but doing so is crucial. You can only give your best self to all your duties, after you have had time to recuperate.

Take it one day at a time  

There is no such thing as a perfect working from home life when children are involved. Some days will be more productive than others, so it is important to be patient and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Do not feel guilty for making mistakes, do not compare your situation to that of other families and understand that this new normal is still unfamiliar to most.

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