How to Look Out for Company Culture Indicators

You apply for the job when you meet the skill requirements, but you choose the job when you connect with the culture. Strive for Talent looks at company culture indicators.

How to Look Out for Company Culture Indicators

The dream job misses the mark without the dream team, which is why businesses today are starting to focus more on company culture. Culture influences whether people stay or leave a company, but it can also influence peoples’ decision to begin with a company. Work takes up a large sum of your week, so choosing a culture that aligns with your own can have a huge impact on your engagement, your mental health, and your motivation. Fortunately for jobseekers, there are a few ways you can determine whether you’ll fit in with a company.

Understand What You Need

One person’s ideal company culture might be a completely unsuitable working environment for someone else. If you thrive in defined, traditional corporate structures, look out for that. If you work better in an organic structure, flexible with its 9-5 working, don’t settle for less. The best way to start is always to have a clear definition of what business you want to work for, and look for that.

Search Social Platforms

A website may give you the bones of the business, but it’s their social pages where you’ll find signs of company culture. Usually websites will show a side that they want customers to see, while Instagram and Facebook will show you a more authentic version, one that speaks to the staff. If the business doesn’t have a social presence, you might want to consider interview questions that give you a glimpse into culture.

Find Third Party Resources

Internal content will always be skewed to favour the business, but third-party resources can give you an objective understanding of what to expect. Search for news results within the company and check out employee reviews across platforms like Seek and Glassdoor. You may find a few points that could make your decision for you.

Research the CEO

If you want to know a business’ vision, look to the CEO. Senior leadership should always have a professional presence on social media, and you can determine what values they bring to the business based on what resources they share and discuss. A go-to will always be their LinkedIn page, but even try Googling your potential new leader to see what news you can find.

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