How to Be Organised While Working from Home

Finding it hard working from home? Here are some helpful tips from the team at Strive for Talent to be more organised.

Finding the right balance between home and work environments is always a heavy task, but what can make it even more challenging is when the two become blurred. Working from home, while somewhat convenient, can unearth its own set of trials, as people find difficulty in separating the tasks and obligations present in both from impacting each other. In this modern world, however, it is becoming more and more common for people to work remotely. It is actually expected that companies investing in the ability to work remotely will outperform those that don’t in the not too distant future. In this blog, the team at Strive for Talent offer some helpful tips on how to stay organised while working from home.

Set Expectations

Time management is key for any successful person juggling a stream of responsibilities. And the secret to time management is through setting expectations – both of yourself, and your tasks. Lay down fair and realistic expectations for how many hours you can work in a day, followed by the amount of resources to achieve a task at a satisfactory degree. Then stick to it. This will help you refrain from getting bogged down in certain areas that may detract from others which are necessary.

Streamline Your Efforts

Another facet of time management is to streamline your efforts. Think: ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’. Now that you will save time and money on commuting to a place of work, take the thinking further to streamline how you operate across the board. If a project is going to encompass multiple tasks, ensure that you plan them out so you can complete them in a cascading fashion, so you will not be held up by any delays. If you need information from a certain source, perhaps forecast to see if you will need more information in the future, and notify them earlier. Thinking along these lines will save you time and effort, freeing you to have more opportunities to be with your family and fulfil more ‘home-life’ desires.

Minimise Distractions & Organise Your Space

This is likely to be the biggest hurdle to overcome. From nearby televisions, to fully-stocked fridges, or attention-crying children, your home is likely to be filled with a myriad of distractions that can keep you from doing your best work. A good solution is to treat whatever time you are working like you are still in the office – even if it’s only for an hour. Set up a designated space where you will dedicate all your work. Keep it clean and professional, away from the distracting elements found throughout your ‘home-life’. If you can design a space behind closed doors that serves as an office, all the better, but if you are limited for space, it is still prudent to designate a corner with a desk that is a zone purely dedicated to the completion of work.

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