Within the Strive for Talent team we have a very competitive and highly productive work culture and one of transparency, ambition and teamwork

Internal talent and standards are vital to us and what we do, therefore our internal culture is built around the following values:

  • rpoteam Culture


  • rpoteam Culture


  • rpoteam Culture


  • rpoteam Culture


  • rpoteam Culture


These values embedded in our culture inspire a great work ethic, a loyal internal workforce and fully satisfied clients. Therefore, creating long standing partnerships of trust and talent.


All our employees are put through the highest degree of training programs, mentoring programs and individual coaching to ensure that the highest calibre of recruitment professionals represent the brand. Our employee retention rates are one of the highest within the industry. We also offer our employee’s endless opportunities to showcase their skills and reap the rewards of their hard work.

As an organisation, we are supporters of equal opportunities and diversity both internally, with our own workforce and externally, delivering our clients with a diverse workforce.