Graduate advice

At Strive for Talent we know the importance of helping graduates make the correct career choices.

We therefore continuously run graduate career seminars at various local colleges and universities and hold yearly graduate fairs in different cities around the world. Our speakers range from an array of different professions and the companies in attendance may also vary.

For more information on our next seminar or fair please contact us on the email below:

For those of you looking for career change advice, please fill in our ‘contact’ form and one our team will surely be able to help and advise you.


Candidate CV Building

We always go that extra mile to help our candidates secure their next career opportunities. Part of this includes helping with their CV formation, as at the end of the day this is their sales document.

Our specialists ensure our candidate’s CV’s:

  • Are targeted for each role they apply for.
  • Ensure all skills they have acquired are highlighted especially those needed according to the job spec.
  • Tick all the requirements for the role.

The team also help:

  • Creating a first draft.
  • Filtering out the unimportant.
  • Producing a well-organised professional document.
  • Document layout.

Candidate Interview Preparation

We ensure all our candidates are thoroughly briefed and prepped before going to any interviews.

Part of our preparation includes:

  • Do’s and Don’ts.
  • How to maximise your interview.
  • Frequently asked questions.
  • Interview questions to ask.
  • Help prepare a list of competency based questions around their experience.
  • Advise on dress code and appearance.
  • Build confidence.
  • Travel planning.
  • Pitches.
  • Tips for skype interviews

Post Interview guidance

Once you have gone through the interview process our team:

  • Make sure this is the right job for you.
  • Get the salary, you want.
  • Negotiate higher salaries.
  • Prepare you for pre-employment screening.
  • Counter offers.
  • Ensure we achieve the correct work-life balance for you.